iMashreq & eCube Branch


The First Digital Branch in the UAE

Mashreq eCube transformed the traditional branch experience from one built around financial transactions to that of customer engagement and relationship building.  The concept was envisioned as a means to converge both physical and digital channels in the branch and act as a catalyst to digital migration and offering a 24/7 Omni-channel model for the banks customers.

The concept is the first globally to use all the latest  interactive touchscreen and gesture technologies to deliver a fresh, new and entirely ‘personalized’ branch experience.

iMashreq Self Service Digital Branches

Building and developing the self-service digital branch with no tellers. This was a project focussed on branch transaction automation and building a digital migration and financial education platform for customers.  Based on a Hub and Spoke approach, in which Full Fledged branches represent the 'Hub' and self-service branches and ATMs/CCDMs/ITMs represent the 'Spokes', the branch was designed with a futuristic and relaxing ambience, and used state of the art technology for performing financial transactions and fully automated, instant product onboarding.  The branch leverages video conferencing to provide specialized advice to visitors, and offers the latest generation virtual teller machines and ATM experiences.

he iMashreq branches deliver Express Banking services to the consumer, and serve as a quick, easy and reliable way to do everyday banking transactions in branch. Consumers are offered the choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions at a more convenient channel, and are essentially able to avoid the traditional queuing process for a teller, by being empowered to do more. The iMashreq concept targets and fulfills high volume, transaction heavy locations, and relies on automated self service solutions for sales and leads management.

The iMashreq branches do not offer all the services of a full-fledged branch and focus on self-service, customer education and engagement, physical to digital channel convergence and migration, and establishing a sustainable branch model that reduces the ‘per transaction’ operating costs in physical distribution. iMashreq branches facilitate basic account opening and instant card and cheque book services, but direct customers to larger branches when more specialized and personal advisory services are demanded by the customer.

" Our customers live a digital lifestyle every day in how they work and live; now at our branches, they can expect the same enriched experiences they have with technology with this modernized bank. " - David Horton

The iMashreq range of services and functionality focus foremost on convenience and quickly completing typical branch transactions, such as account maintenance, bill payments, telex transfers and remittance, statement printing, cash withdrawal, cash and cheque deposit, account enquiries, customer complaints, instant card and cheque book issuance, product and services enquiries and their respective application processes. By migrating routine transactions to the self-service banking kiosk channel, branch staff are dedicated solely to customer service, advice and sales, and importantly driving awareness of more time and cost effective solutions for everyday banking.

eCube and iMashreq PRESS COVERAGE