David Horton is a thought leader and advisor in the retail banking innovation space. David and his team work towards advising and helping banks with innovative and creative, digital transformation.


With insight and practical experience of the latest Fintech trends and disruptive technologies in the retail banking industry, David is able to help banks with idea generation and more importantly, the execution of these ideas. He has additional perspective driving digital marketing and technology efforts from years of working in the banking, consulting and technology industries, and is one of the few individuals who is able to 'talk' techie and business language at the same time.


David frequently writes and speaks about Fintech topics, and can be seen at several key industry conferences in the financial and payments space. 

Contact :


Twitter: @iamdavidhorton 

LinkedIn: http://ae.linkedin.com/in/iamdavidhorton/

Email: dhorton@hotmail.com